Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday Morning Glazing Possible

Thursday Evening Update:
The going forecast has not changed very much but confidence is growing that the Friday morning commute will become messy and slick as freezing rain develops overnight. Here is a look at the latest accumulation map:

Main areas of concern will be along I-24, HW 45, HW 60, the Pennyrile Parkway, the Purchase Parkway, HW 641, HW 79, and I-55 south of Cape Girardeau. While major roadways have been pretreated, surface temps will already be below freezing, so anything that falls will stick to secondary or untreated surfaces.

Wednesday Evening Update:
Computer models are starting to really focus more of the glazing event in Western Kentucky and NW Tennessee. Although the accumulation amounts seemingly look low, it only take a small accumulation of ice to create dangerous road conditions. Road crews have been out early proactively treating area roadways in preparation for the event. Here is a look at the latest ice accumulation projections.

Tuesday Evening Update:
Working on the details of a quick, yet possibly slick winter weather event set to move in late Thursday night & Friday morning. Here is a map that I put together where it looks like there will be the greatest risk of some Friday morning glazing on area roadways.
Any glazing will be pretty light but can create slick and hazardous road conditions, especially on bridges and overpasses. On top of the light glazing, we may see a quick dusting of snow to follow before the entire disturbance moves out by mid Friday morning.
Additional details added here as we get closer to Thursday. In the meantime, be prepared to allow yourself some extra time Friday morning in the event wintery weather slows down the morning commute.

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