Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meteorological Spring Warmth?

CPC/NOAA March Temp Outlook

Officially Spring begins on Wednesday, March 20th but for record keeping's sake, Meteorologists begin keeping track of the season on March 1st. The newest climate outlook for March was released today and our "average" February temps may just take us right into the entire month of March. The latest maps are shown to the right.
With the current weather pattern holding pretty tight, it looks as though temps will remain relatively cool or close to average for at least the first half of March. There are some signals in the long range forecast showing a warming trend to our west.

As for precipitation the trend looks a little wetter than average and that does not really deviate much from how we have begun 2013. January was the wettest on record at the Paducah National Weather Service and February ran almost exactly average.

CPC/NOAA March Precip Outlook

This type of outlook leaves me wondering about severe weather season which is set to start soon. April and May are typically our busiest months severe weather-wise. Last year, our severe weather season struck early in late Feb and early March simply due to the extreme warmth that infiltrated the area. We have broken that trend this year and something tells me our severe season will be a bit more active if this weather pattern continues as it looks to.
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