Monday, February 3, 2014

Round 2 Winter Weather Impacts

 On the heels of a pretty feisty winter weather event on Sunday, the next round is already set to move in during the day on Tuesday and wrap up late Tuesday night. This time, ice/glazing will be more of a concern. To the right shows the breakdown of the different types of precipitation we are expecting from one end of the Local 6 area to the other. Areas along the Ohio River will see temperatures hover between 31-33 degrees all day/evening and any degree change will determine the difference between rain/sleet/freezing rain. Areas in the blue area will see a mix of sleet and snow and possible accumulations up to 4". The further south you move into the pink and green, the greater chance you will see an icy mixture to all rain into Middle TN and Southern Lakes area. The graphic below shows the impacts each will have on a given area.

The following three maps are an idea of where the snow/sleet/freezing rain/rain will fall and how much will accumulate. Areas along and north of the Ohio River are most prone to accumulating snow/sleet and where temperatures will remain below freezing for the duration of the winter weather event.
 All counties hugging the Ohio River will be at greatest risk for a "glaze" event with a mixture of rain/sleet/freezing rain. *REMEMBER* Freezing rain is defined by precipitation falling as rain, then freezing on contact with an object that is freezing itself. (I.e. powerlines, overpasses, trees, metal objects, outdoor lawn furniture).

Areas south of the Purchase Pkwy and West Kentucky Pkwy are likely to see the most rain with a little sleet mixed in as the storm exits the region on Tuesday night. Areas that are expected to see moderate rainfall are also encouraged to be alert to lowland flooding as snowpack/saturated soil will promote runoff of rainwater as it falls.  

 For those of you concerned about how the ice accumulation will impact certain areas, here is an Ice Accumulation Impact graphic I put together. Most areas should be in the .25-.50" range which could lead to a few isolated or scattered power outages. Make sure to have a few extra batteries, a flashlight, and an extra blanket for warmth in the event power is out for a few hours.


Here is a story on how road crews are getting geared back up for round two of wintry weather with reporter Julie Collins:

6PM Weather Authority Forecast

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