Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weather Authority Alert Day Monday

Monday is a Weather Authority Alert Day

Monday AM Update:
The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded most of the Local 6 area to s MODERATE RISK for severe weather today. Please take time to review severe weather and tornado safety today and be alert to quickly changing weather conditions. 

Sunday PM Update: Only small changes have appeared in the computer forecasts concerning timing but the threat for damaging winds/tornadoes remains in place as a very strong storm system barrels across the region Monday. 
Several rounds of storms and heavy rain will be possible starting late tonight and early Monday morning. Strong to severe storms will become more likely during the afternoon hours into the early evening Monday. This will require preparedness for not only at home but at school/work as well.
Here is the latest forecast outlook from the Storm Prediction Center tonight:
Be sure to stay alert to quickly changing weather conditions throughout the day Monday and also have multiple ways to receive warnings. The Weather Authority will be showing escalated coverage throughout the day as storms develop and move across the area. You can also get instant updates from us on Twitter and Facebook.

Sunday Update: Not much has changed in the going forecast and if anything, the risk for severe weather still looks ominous for Monday afternoon. An outbreak of severe storms is expected to materialize by Midday Monday just to our west near the Ozarks and push into the Local 6 area shortly thereafter. 
The Storm Prediction Center continues a SLIGHT RISK for our area but also discusses upgrading part or all of the area to a MODERATE RISK in updates later today or tomorrow morning. Either way, PREPAREDNESS is KEY....especially since arrival time occurs while many of us are at work/school. Here is your Weather Ready Nation Preparedness Checklist for Tonight/Monday:
Be alert to quickly changing weather conditions all day on Monday but most importantly, here are the risks we are preparing to cover during Monday's coverage:

I will post another update this evening after the latest models runs have come in and the Storm Prediction Center puts out their updated outlook for our area. Until then, timing still looks the same as detailed below.
If you have any questions for me, I will try to look for them today but I will have limited access since I am traveling home from Fall Break. Trent Okerson will be in this evening and Tori Shaw will be bringing you updates tomorrow morning. :)

Saturday Update: Monday has kept our attention for a few days now and the risk for severe weather continues to show up in the computer models. A very potent storm system will begin to lift warm, moist air in to the Local 6 area Sunday night and Monday morning. Showers and thunderstorms will develop quickly with the heat of the day along a cold front moving in from the Ozarks. This line of storms will carry the threat of individualized cells embedded within the line, upping the tornado risk. Damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes will be possible as the line of storms charge eastward during the early afternoon.

The image above is the latest forecast target area provided by the Storm Prediction Center as of Saturday morning. From the Local 6 area south into Mississippi and Louisiana, an episode of severe weather is becoming more certain as computer models continue to be pretty consistent with the timing and strength of the storm system.

As a comparison, this storm system looks a little like the one that put a damper on our Halloween last year and forced people to take cover during their trick-or-treating. It also has similar characteristics as the storm system that produced the Brookport tornado last year. This weekend is as good a time as ever to prepare yourself, family, and review your plans in the event you have to take cover at home, work, or school since these storms are expected during the early afternoon hours.
More information about exact timing will be available Sunday but we need to be alert to quickly changing weather conditions from 10AM-3PM on Monday, specifically for this line of storms that is expected to arrive during that time period. Updates will be available here as new information is available.

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