Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tracking Friday Snow Chances

Thursday PM Update:

Going forecast seems to be right on track with very little in the way of snow accumulation expected in Western Kentucky and NW Tennessee. The path of the low has shifted slightly making the snow cutoff line a little more North-South oriented. Higher amounts are still possible in Central Kentucky and Middle Tennessee by Saturday morning. Any snow that does accumulate will likely fade quickly with warmer surface temperatures and mild weather Saturday. 
Here is a look at more specific snow totals.

Prepping for possibility of wintry weather headed for Western Kentucky and NW Tennessee on Friday.

Snow chances have started showing up in the weather computer models and with each update, the different models are coming together to indicate a growing chance for a wintry system to cross the southwest half of the area. Even though most of our area is set to see light accumulations on the order of 1-3", maybe even less, now is the time to prepare for some slick roadways. Snow is expected to begin around midday on Friday and continue through late Friday night. Areas along and north of the Ohio River will see little if any snow as the models show at this point. A little jog in the path of low pressure to the north or south will make a big difference even over a mile or two on either side of the line.
#WeatherReadyNation Preparedness
If your travels take you to Nashville, Bowling Green, or Lexington over the upcoming weekend, a little more accumulation is expected in these areas and are worth keeping a close watch on.

Here is a look at the timeline and elements to prepare for as we get closer to Friday. In the meantime, I don't anticipate this being a "French Toast" or "Bread and Milk" event. Temperatures will warm enough Saturday and Sunday that we should not see the snow stick around very long. It IS worth possibly altering your travel plans or giving yourself extra time if venturing out or East of our area.

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