Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February One for the Record Books

As we wrap up the month of February and the end of Meteorological Winter, we won't soon forget the Siberian Express that brought record cold temperatures and a double shot of snow during President's Day week. Here is how we stand if the month ended today....likely going to hold. Compared to February 1978, it will be fairly difficult to break into the #1 spot. Just for number's sake, February of 1978 averaged 24.4 degrees compared February of 2015 at 28.6 (as of the 24th).

Do you remember 1978 and the extended period of cold temperatures and a lot of snow? I'd love to hear your story by posting in the comment section below!

Top 5 Paducah Snowstorms

1. 14.2" on December 22-23, 2004
2. 12.2" on January 16-17, 1978
3. 10.8" on February 16, 2015
4. 8.2" on February 27-28, 1984
5. 8.0" on March 6, 1967


  1. Jennifer,
    I was wondering how the snowfall totals compare for this Feb vs 1978?

    1. Mike, I posted above what I could find from the historical records from the Paducah National Weather Service.There were quite a few storms that totaled near 7-8" that could have been listed just below #5.

    2. Thank you Jennifer! I seem to remember a lot of snow in 78 but wasn't sure how much fell in Feb of that year.