Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day Winter Storm Reports

Final snow reports from last 36hrs. Looks like the Eddyville's take the cake!

Monday Evening Snowfall Reports:

Once the storm wraps up, I will compile all the final totals and post them here too. If you are measuring in your backyard, take 3-5 measurements in different spots and average, then post. You guys have been tremendously helpful with your updates and photos!

Monday Noon Snowfall Reports:

Monday 10:00 AM Snowfall Reports

Monday Morning Reports
Sandy Inman
Feb 16, 7:48 AM
Karnak, IL...this is on 169 @ 7:40 this a.m. You can't see the road :)
Feb 16, 8:29 AM
This is in Smithland. 8 inches.
Feb 16, 7:11 AM
5 inches so far this morning at 7:00 AM in Princeton.
Feb 16, 8:52 AM
8" so far on my sidewalk in Marion KY and falling heavy.
@JRukavinaWPSD@WPSDLocal6 Pretty close to 6 inches in Marble Hill Missouri
Feb 16, 1:30 AM via Twitter for iPad
Snow has reached Princeton, KY ... Light and beautiful right now.gymgirl92
Feb 16, 12:28 AM via Twitter for iPhone
@JRukavinaWPSD@WPSDLocal6 Snow is starting to fall in Kevil!
Feb 16, 12:30 AM via iOS
Large snow flakes and accumulating @NWSPaducah
Dustin Babb
Feb 16, 12:29 AM
Freezing rain between mayfield and Farmington. Sidewalk and cars already a solid sheet. Freezing on contact.
Phyllis Holloman Devers
Feb 16, 12:13 AM
Sleet and Freezing Rain in Benton Ky.

Sunday Night Reports
Feb 15, 11:51 PM  via Twitter for iPhone
Roads have a thin layer of sleet in Cape Girardeau MO. Getting slick! 
Feb 15, 11:45 PM
It was sleeting hard but now it has slowed down. So I will be givng away fresh ice. lol
Feb 15, 11:31 PM  via Twitter for iPhone
3-4 mins sleet collection with perspective/reference pt. 5 miles West of Murray.@NWSPaducah@JRukavinaWPSD
Feb 15, 11:27 PM  via Twitter for iPhone
Hard sleet is begin to fall in Carlisle Co. Larger amounts are accumulating on cars and ground!!!
Feb 15, 11:26 PM  via Twitter for iPhone
Sleet covered streets in Southwest Calloway Co.@WPSDWeather@NWSPaducah
Feb 15, 11:26 PM  via Twitter for iPad
Sleeting near Woodville in west McCracken County. @JRukavinaWPSD@WPSDWeather
Feb 15, 9:40 PM  via Twitter for iPhone
Mixture of freezing rain and sleet in Union City @WPSDWeather #tnwx


  1. Glad I got the steps salted before the sleet started off clarkline rd by exit 11. Everyone stay safe!