Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Spring in Bloom" Call for Photos!

Send us your "Spring in Bloom" photos!

My absolute favorite time during the year is the season of life, SPRING! I enjoy the warm air, chirping baby birds, emerging buds, and vibrant blooms. I love capturing it all on film just as much as the next person so we'd love to share your view of Spring with other viewers too. Here's how!

BE CREATIVE! HAVE FUN! EXPLORE SOMETHING NEW!...then download this new app we are launching that will send The Weather Authority an instant message alerting us to your viewer photo. It will also place your photo on a map with other viewers so that you can see what others are discovering and capturing in our area. It will also make it super easy for us to share more photos during our weather shows!
Here is the link to download from iTunes but it's also available in Google Play. 
StormPins by Prospect Hill Advisors LLC:

***You can also instantly share your videos, storm photos and news photos with us when the time arrives! If we are about to use your photo on TV or if it becomes really popular in our gallery, StormPins will send you a notification so you don't miss your appearance! The center photo above is the email I received yesterday morning after sharing my daffodils picture from my own backyard.***

Let me know what you think after downloading and sharing your captures.

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