Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Storm Takes Aim on Local 6 Area


These are official from the National Weather Service in Paducah and Memphis. Some impressive areas of deep snow. Did you see my projected sweet spots I posted yesterday? Scroll down to yesterday's post to see the highlighted cities I picked for "sweet spots" and how it compares to the following list. Click to enlarge.


A mix of wintry precipitation will move in from southwest to northeast this afternoon and evening, light to begin. Later tonight and early Friday morning the mixed precipitation will switch over to snow, heavy at times, making for hazardous road conditions.
A Winter Storm WARNING is already in place from Thursday 6PM until Friday Midday. 
An area of low pressure will develop in the deep south by this evening and move northeast through the Tennessee Valley. We always look to the heavy snow band to set up around 150 miles to the northwest of that area of low pressure which at the current time, puts that snow band across Western Kentucky, NW Tennessee, and the Bootheel of MO. In the past 24 hours, the computer models have shifted this band all over the place and a few miles will make a huge difference in how much snow, if any, you may see in any given place.
As stated above, the leading edge of precipitation will probably be mixed with sleet and freezing rain, making for an icy layer to build on. This will quickly cause road conditions to deteriorate this evening and overnight. It's by Friday morning that the chance of heavy snow kicks in and accumulated on top of that icy layer. We must be prepared for both.
Below I have zoomed in on KY/TN to show you where the projected "sweet spots" will be for this event as it stands at 10AM Thursday.
Murray, Wingo, Hazel, Cadiz, Hopkinsville, Dover, Paris, McKenzie Dresden, and Greenfield are my pick for "sweet spots" for highest snow potential. This may change as one last model run comes in later this evening if the line (band of snow) shifts a little. I will post again this evening to make any final touches on the forecast.
Preps need to be made before sundown this evening so you are not caught out in the heart of the storm moving in tonight. Road crews will be working very hard to keep major arteries open, especially I-24 and the Purchase Parkway. Inevitably some areas will be harder to keep up with than others so if travel becomes absolutely necessary, allow for an additional half hour to hour of extra time.
Roads will see the highest impact from this storm. Some areas may see power outages as well as strong winds, especially along KY/TN border become quite strong as well. 

Here is a link to all our preparedness information graphics all in one place. Click Here. 
Take a few minutes today to ensure you have a plan if you are in the highest risk areas. 


  1. Thank you for including Weakley County, Tennessee! We always look to WPSD for our weather updates but often get left out of the NWS Paducah briefings. While we are included in the NWS Memphis briefings, it just seems so much further and somehow not as accurate! So we look to you! THANK YOU, MS. RUKAVINA!!

  2. Oh my god!That's horrible. Thankfully,I had let my family know there about this with the help of cabled weather stations resource. They are safe now.