Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Eagle Watch Cam

EAGLE WATCH 2016-2017! 
As of Tuesday morning, people across the country have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2 eaglet chicks, while parent eagles Harriett and M15 (replaced Ozzie) take turns incubating them. This camera is live from Southwest Florida through Dick Pritchett Real Estate.


To view more and chat with experts, click here: http://www.swfleaglecam.com/

2PM Thursday Update: The babies are almost here! Cracks have been identified on one, maybe both of the eggs! Here is picture I captured while mama was up moving around. When the eggs start to hatch, she stays up off of them more often!

2:00 PM Wednesday Update: Still waiting for the eggs to hatch. Caught another glimpse off the eggs today at M15 got up to 
stretch and roll the eggs. 

2:00 PM Tuesday Update:
I caught this view of Harriett this afternoon as she took over the nest and incubating the eggs for a while. She likes to lay with her wings spread a little and often pulls nesting closer to her. From the looks of the chat discussion, the eggs are expected to start hatching within a couple of hours.

The chat moderator says that M15 and Harriett started their nest with one stick in August after the their previous nest was damage and fell apart. 

It typically takes a couple of months but can really be done in about 1 month if they are fast. They both work at it.

3:30 PM Tuesday Update: A brief glimpse of the eggs as Harriet got up to aerate the nest.

5:00 PM Tuesday Update: M15 (Daddy) took over the nest for the evening hours and I was able to get a glimpse of the eggs. Nightfall brought a lot of bugs and turned the camera mode on to night vision and why it looks black and white.

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