Friday, May 26, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Severe Storm Threat


A rather strong storm system will take aim on the Local 6 area Saturday and Saturday night. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a MODERATE RISK for an outbreak of severe weather. Several rounds of storms will be possible and as many people are looking to get outdoors for the long holiday weekend, storms may threaten at times.
 A first round is expected to moving through during the overnight hours Friday night into early Saturday morning with a low risk for severe. This changes dramatically Saturday afternoon and evening as a complex of storms develops over Missouri during the heat of the afternoon, while the atmosphere becomes highly unstable and ripe for widespread outbreak. This second round should move out by sunset while a third possible complex of storms develops again over Missouri and moves east from around 10pm into the very early morning hours of Sunday. 
The weather may change very quickly wherever you are tomorrow so be sure to have a way to receive severe weather alerts by text. It would be even more useful to have the WPSD Radar App so that you can enable lightning detection, weather alerts, and heavy precipitation alerts for your specific location.

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  1. I hope local government have done something to make sure no harm will occur as a result of this storm. Thank you for sharing news about it with us