Monday, May 1, 2017

Record Flooding Threatens With More Rain Ahead

The dangerous high waters of the Mississippi have returned to threaten properties in the delta of this great river. For one area, the idea of taking on more water has become more and more a reality some are not willing embrace. In January of 2016 a three quarter mile section of the Len Small Levee was breached and then collapsed by flood waters from the Mississippi River. Water inundated farmland and left behind 10-foot sand deposits after it receded. Alexander County officials appealed to the St. Louis District Army Corps of Engineers and were denied the assistance to make the $16 million estimate cost of repair. Just this past month farmers considered a plan to rebuild the levee with their own equipment to take place in June.

Time has now run out to repair the collapsed section of levee as the water rises quickly on the Mississippi River after a record amount of rain fell across many of its tributaries to the north.  I spoke to one resident in that area today who says they are back to sandbagging in preparation for the rising waters.The map below shows widespread reports of 4-7" of rain over a 2-day period (this past weekend). An impressive total of 8.95" was recorded near Goreville, IL. The Mississippi and Muddy Rivers will be quickly rising as they ingest the runoff from the weekend event. According to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, "Gov. Rauner activated the State Emergency Operations Center today to ensure state personnel and equipment are ready to be quickly deployed if needed to help local emergency responders with flood-related public safety issues. Representatives from several state agencies, the American Red Cross and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers currently are manning the SEOC to coordinate deployment of state resources and personnel."

Below is a look at the 8PM Monday river levels and expected crest days/levels for parts of the Mississippi and Muddy Rivers. To access all area lake and river information, click here

Additional rain is expected to arrive by sunrise for MO/IL and continue through Thursday afternoon. Here is what the computer models are projecting for rainfall totals from Wed-Thu of this week. River forecasting does not yet take into account this additional rain headed our way.

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  1. OH My!!! Hope this flooding wasn't as disatrous as they had predicted!!! prayers are with both the ones that were affected and they ones that weren't